C-BACK is a robust backup solution offering an extensive range of options, from simple file backup on computers to application-based backup in servers. Its reporting provides comprehensive information on failures and successes, enabling issue detection and trouble shooting. It offers all-in-one cyber protection, consolidating data protection and cybersecurity to safeguard all data, applications, and systems.

  • Automation & Productivity - With scheduled backup reports, coupledwith cloud backup enhancements such as continuous data protection, C-BACK helps you save time while saving your clients from data loss.
  • Scalable Protection - You can applybackup policies and centrally administer the lifecycle of data across all your projects, subscriptions, cloud accounts,and regions. It spontaneously protects new instances with tag‑based protection.
  • Complete Control - C-BACK takes users beyond backup and restore. It gives them a comprehensive set of tools to take full control of their enterprise data by mobilising applications, analysing application data, recovering from ransomware, and providing prompt application availability.
  • Eliminate Data Loss - C-BACKoffers a safe and scalable solution to back up your data with assurance. It reduces data loss with point‑in‑time recovery and granularity with in‑place repairs across several cloud environments.
  • Secure Backup - C-BACK delivers an exceptional approach by combining cloud backup with cyber protection features, such as anti-malware and antivirus, helping you keep clients’ data secure.

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